Cyber Country

Cyber Country

Cyber Country 
Polax Acid Cowboys 

Cyber Country is the imaginary soundtrack to an acid western from behind the Iron Curtain, made amid the increasingly suffocating fumes of contemporary everyday life. The electronic cyber-cowboys maunder around the antipodes of post-industrial life. They still face dilemmas and demons, but their nomadic life has now relocated to virtual salons and the paved earth of information bytes. Echoes of incorporated country and its subliminal musical legacy are drowned out by the rising rumble of new tribes with their drums and different forms of synthetic apparatus. Cyber country arises on new maps of old universes of the Western, feeding on recurring myths that superimpose themselves in a dystopian order on our current moment of consciousness. Sentimental games involving the polarizing systems of East and West, American Indian rebels, decadent Hollywood and its psychedelic borderlands, Soviet rock ‘n roll, John Wayne and Akira Kurosawa, the cyborgs of Westworld, and Frankensteinian eleusis from Rockstar Games become interwoven in a cloak of tender ballads and a light gallop through the prairies

side A 
1. Dark Side of the Hill 
2. That Woman’s Gonna Kill Me 
3. Freith Train 
4. Learn 

Side B 
5. Polax Acid Cowboys 
6. The Devil Will 
7. Travelling Women 
8. Goodbye 

Adam J. Kaufmann – voice & lyrics 
Patryk Lichota – instruments & arrangements 

Music by Adam j. Kaufmann & Patryk Lichota 
Recorded & Produced by Patryk Lichota 
artwork and design by Yuliia Andriichuk 

Axis Cactus Records 
Poznań, Poland 2018 
Catologue number: AXC004 


released April 4, 2018