Some Other time

Patryk Lichota/Piotr Tkacz – Some Other Time?

Patryk Lichota – saxophone with preparations  

Piotr Tkacz – turntable + objects license 


After a storm, the man in a hat always went at the seaside. He collected as much saltness as possible into his hat. On his way back home, his hat served him as a bowl. He added vegetables and various seafood into the right amount of previously collected saltness. While eating, he was able to sense all the experiences of sailors, who died during the storm. His entire face grew moist, and he closed his eyes in fear of yet another wave blow. He felt the sailors’ lament and their urge to escape back home, to hide under their mothers’ wings and eat good, salty dinner. Then he finished drinking his soup, opened his eyes widely and saw his mother, wiping drops off his face.   

(text by Mikołaj Tkacz, translation: Maciej Janasik)  

released July 14, 2009 

AudioTong Records