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Painelectric – Distribution Board

„Painelectric – distribution board” movie presents a group of voltage junkies – technological dandies addicted to electric stimulation. They assume a degenerated society of galvanic masonery in the aura of their ancestral priests: Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Georg Matthias Bose, Hippolyte Pixii, Johann Wilhelm Ritter., Ewald von Kleist. 

Doses of the electric drug condense in the bodies of participants, their intoxication is boosted and synchronised by convulsions of the master of the ceremony & manipulator of sound apparatus, their movements become a collective vision of the participants. This hedonistic event turns into a new kind of gathering, where the bodies are reduced to hallucinogenic inductive coils and tune nervous systems to unknown channels.  

Patryk Lichota & Piotr Bockowski recorded a short film in London (as part of their art residency at Anatums Abode, May 2015) based on their show ‘Painelectric Sound Tutorial” from Poznan/Berlin – aiming at extending the notions of body performance & interactive media into sonic pain simulation. the interactive sound / electric / body installation was described in a book by Patryk Lichota “Traditions of Noise in the Art of Sound” 2016