An extremely energetic combination of free jazz, metal rave, breakcore and drum ‘n bass. A concert by the group Posoka is an intense audiovisual experience for the whole body. At times Posoka is the clangor of systems ripped apart and reassembled with a Texas chainsaw, at times a torrential rain of pixilated blood. The penetrating music of the Orphic mysteries mingles with the feast of the sacrificial goat. Post-humanistic dances undulate experimentally in a tempest of electrical breakdowns. 

Axis Cactus Records, Poznań, Poland 2018  

catalogue number AXC001  www.axiscactus.com   

All music and instruments by Patryk Lichota (music created in years 2009-2016)  

Recorded and mixed by Patryk Lichota & Michał Wasyl  

Mastered by Michał Wasyl   

Thanks to past collaboration with drummers Maciej Kędziora & Mieszko Łowżył  

Artwork by Rafał Wechterowicz  

design by Yuliia Andriichuk